Why Keith is running for Mayor

I have enjoyed the role and duties of being Councillor for the past 17 years, with the last 8 as Deputy Mayor, and in connecting with peoples’ ideas, aspirations and views.

I have taken my role as Councillor and Deputy Mayor very seriously and have a background in leadership, business management and governance of large businesses and community organisations.

I am very passionate and am committed to the South Burnett region and apart from my family, this region is my sole focus.

I commit to these principles:

  • I will observe the principles of financial management, good governance, democratic representation, social inclusion and meaningful community engagement
  • I will adopt transparent and effective  processes and make decisions in the public interest
  • I am known as a person who will adopt ethical and legal behaviour and will insist on the standards in the Council that I lead
  • I will support a continuation of service delivery, management of Council’s assets and search for sustainable development.


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