Mayor’s Message 2

1 February 2019

Last weekend we celebrated Australia Day and awarded individuals and groups for their outstanding contributions to the region.

There were 54 nominees for the awards. The legacy to the South Burnett is that we have identified some mighty individuals and groups who live among us, do great things and add to the quality of life for everyone in our region. These are people who contribute without the need for reward.

Each year, recognition is given in various categories of endeavour for people who are dedicated in giving of their time and commitment. It can be sport, cultural activities, community events, festivals, clubs, groups, organisations or volunteering.

To everyone who was nominated for an award, I want to thank you and express well wishes for your future efforts and to thank you for your participation. To the winners in each category we offer hearty congratulations.

Everything we do in life is not achieved successfully without much hard work, commitment, passion and dedication.  Not only that, but so much hard work is done from an inner desire to help and give, not for personal gain or prestige.

Often times many personal sacrifices are made in this spirit of giving. It is said Australia is the lucky country, but it is also true that the harder you work, the luckier you become. The point for thought is the pleasure and satisfaction it produces when you can feel the reward of your hard work gives to a worthwhile cause. This is particularly so for festivals and events. Be they small localised affairs or more grand offerings that bring many visitors from out of the region.

The benefits are felt right across the region in economic terms and enjoyment for those who attend to give support. Next year’s awards will no doubt bring forward another large group of worthy nominees from our region. Keep your eyes open for those who go over and beyond the call of duty and ensure they are nominated in the line-up of next year’s candidates. We do indeed live in a great part of Australia – the South Burnett.