Mayor’s Message 3

1 March 2019

There’s a positive mood around the Council Chambers as a result of Council’s direction to adopt a clear vision and implement new strategies to improve the road network

February’s operational report on Council’s works program unveiled a new era of operational focus and for the first time, real results for our community.  Whilst we had achieved some good outcomes in the past, the time was well and truly passed where as a Council, if we continued to base decisions on past methods we cannot expect different outcomes. 

Council commenced a journey some time ago to look at ‘WHY’ its road network was not improving and ‘HOW’ things could be done differently.  That ‘WHY’ and the ‘HOW’ resulted in a series of key changes to our organisation and community.  It started with the leadership in the Council Chambers itself to call in a third party external assessment to review and understand exactly what and where the problems were occurring.  This resulted in Councillors being fully informed of the entire road network condition – both unsealed and bitumen roads. Council had to start to make some hard calls on its core business and establish a new strategy for its road assets. A strategy that actually could be delivered focuses on the basic 4 R’s:  re-sheeting, reseals, rehabilitation and road maintenance.

You need backbone to lead and take committed action. All that matters are the results.  The Roads and Portfolio Report to Council in February provided a clear picture of RESULTS and what we believed would drive the journey of solving our road problem.  We have listened to our ratepayers.  We have seriously thought about the way forward.  Now we are in the EXECUTION phase.  If you don’t live out the vision of what is needed, then there would be a continuation of making excuses.  There was a challenge when this Council term commenced in April 2016.  It’s taken the combined effort of Councillors, Senior Staff, Employees and our Ratepayers.  I believe in the process that we have adopted to deliver our vision. Never before in my time in Council has there been such a determined focus to change.

Our road network will possibly never be perfect.  No one’s ever is. There will always be potholes and rough roads, just as there are always houses that need to be painted. But what matters now is that we are executing; our network improves every day; we are grading roads; we are re-sheeting; we are resealing; we are getting RESULTS.

I invite you to view our results and follow Council’s works program via our Roads and Portfolio Link 20th February on Council’s Website.  As the next months’ advance, watch the progress to establish the results.