Mayor’s Message 2.2

19 February 2019

I’m enthused with the direction taken by Council’s Economic Development branch.  In the same manner I am very proud of the South Burnett business community.  We are a diversified economy with industries such as agriculture, food processing and health and social care leading the way.

Nowadays, there is more communication and collaboration developing amongst our business operators. Our regional economy is on the move. I commend initiatives such as the latest Business Breakfast organised by ‘Coffee Chats with Matt Collins’. At this event, it was gratifying to hear from local businesses who have stepped beyond the borders of the South Burnett to add further value to their business by diversifying their reach into other locations.

Council is helping this expansion by offering business networking and forum opportunities. An example of this is the recent presentation of Local Buy offers. Local Buy gives suppliers an opportunity to sell to Local Government. Queensland Councils are responsible for building and maintaining a large range of assets including roads, libraries, parks and gardens, leisure centres and waste facilities. In achieving this objective, Queensland Local Government entities spend approximately $12B on operating and capital expenditure and manage over $108B in total assets each year. The forum encouraged South Burnett businesses to consider becoming Local Buy suppliers and to step beyond the borders of the South Burnett to engage in opportunities that 76 other Councils in Queensland have on tender at various times.  Of course, some of the locations are out of the question, however, the take away point is that Local Government is a big business. The type of business opportunities that this Council has on offer are varied and performed by South Burnett contractors is replicated throughout Local Government in Queensland.

If there are local businesses ready to spread their wings and expand their trades skill into other Local Government locations, then Local Buy is a platform that can help them launch. There is enormous benefit for our economy when dollars earned outside our region come back to the South Burnett for spending or investment.