Mayor’s Message 4

5 April 2019

New Valuations for the South Burnett have been advised by the Valuer General’s Department and will come into effect 30 June 2019

The total unimproved value of all valuations is $1,687,340,897.  Particulars of the new valuations of all lands within the South Burnett area have now been forwarded to each landowner by the Department. 

The raw data is that 4,573 valuations increased, 10,574 decreased and 2,463 valuations remained the same.  The valuation roll will be available for inspection by any person without payment of a fee during normal office hours at the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy, J. Bjelke-Petersen Research Facility until 4 June 2019.

The valuation display listings can also be accessed on the Department’s website during the same period.  Land owners who do not agree with their valuation and who can provide sufficient information to demonstrate that their valuation is incorrect, can lodge an objection with the Valuer General by
7 May 2019. 

These new valuations present challenges for South Burnett Regional Council in that there are some 40 different rating categories covering 17,610 rateable properties.  The challenge occurs where there are both increases and decreases in the same rating category. 

Council has available ‘smoothing tools’ that have been used in previous years to assist in minimising the impact. Valuations are averaged over a three year financial year period to lessen the impact for property owners with large valuation increases. 

Additionally, a 30% cap has also been in use so that in the case of large increases no one’s rates will increase by more than 30%.  The methodology to be used for the next budget year 2019/2020 is still being determined.  Council has indicated that the overall rate increase is hoped to be in the order of CPI.  However, it may not roll out equitably due to the valuation fluctuations within particular rating categories.  

My comments in this column are designed to alert ratepayers of this fact.