Mayor’s Message 5

3 May 2019

It is very rewarding for my Councillors and myself to look back over the past three years of this four year Council term to assess the decisions made and changes implemented.

The old cliché that if you keep on doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same result is so true. Very little falls into place in textbook style without a will to make change and search for the facts and information on which basis to develop a plan specifically designed for forward movement.

Things can be a lot different if you want them to be and to do this requires a will and preparedness to change. We know this is achievable, we’ve done it with our road network. Other sections of our business are being looked at in the same way. Recently we’ve been involved in planning sessions to set the future of Economic Development. This is to ensure that as a region we not only say we are investment ready, but that we can state this fact confidently and with conviction.

What do we want the South Burnett to look like in 2030 and beyond? Whilst much of what is needed for new development in the region is here, we can and must do a complete evaluation and define the gaps that may act as limitations. We’ve already identified great need for water and that agriculture has been and will be the core of our strength going forward. But our visions will surpass a simplistic approach to growth.

There needs to be the realisation that our existence is not limited to the geographic borders of the South Burnett and that we have the capacity to develop our region as an area of Queensland/Australia capable of creating a more diverse economy than it is currently delivering. We will assemble a profile of the information needed to attract investment. We will identify the gaps and move to rectify them.

We will promote our region with strength and purpose. We will align our internal processes to deliver a customer centric focus that aids in not only the development of new business but supports existing business and industry. The shape and function of the South Burnett is on a journey to move our visions to a higher level of business performance. Our doors are open for business now but we need a wider set of doors to identify and correct the gaps in our diversified economy and focus of growth.