Keith Campbell For Mayor

Keith Campbell For Mayor

This video summarises my campaign for Mayor in the upcoming March elections. My plan, my vision, my passion for all things South Burnett. An extension of my campaign message can be found in document format on my website www.keithcampbell.com.au or clicking the link below:https://keithcampbell.com.au/kc/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Keith-Campbell-Campaign-Summary-2020.pdfThank you #leadership #mayor2020 #localgovernmentelections #southburnett #visionWritten and authorised by Keith Campbell, 47 Webster Street, KINGAROY 4610

Posted by Keith Campbell – for Mayor – South Burnett Regional Council on Thursday, 12 March 2020
This video summarises my campaign for Mayor in the upcoming March elections. My plan, my vision, my passion for all things South Burnett.

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About Keith and what’s Important to him:

  • Relationships and caring about others – people first
  • Truthful, honest and respectful to all
  • Reliable in following through on commitments
  • Authentic listener
  • Responsible leadership
  • Learning, growing and giving back
  • Conform to Local Government Legislation

First Term Achievements:

  • Delivered on my promise to make difficult decisions that would strengthen the South Burnett Regional Council’s financial position from weak to moderate. See more…
  • Evidence – confirmed by the Qld Treasury Corporation that under my leadership, we have moved the total operational performance of Council from operational deficits, to small operational surpluses. QTC have certified our performance as moderate.
  • Re-established listening and communication tours to ensure residents have opportunity to inform Councillors and Council about their priorities and concerns and Council has the opportunity to provide updates to them. See more…
  • Reduced costs to assist Council prioritise the allocation of funds for those essential services local government must deliver on now, and in the future. See more…
  • Reducing complaints about road conditions and delivering increased resources and finances to the Infrastructure teams to deliver on my commitment to find a solution to this long running challenge. See more…
  • Removed the road levy by melding it within the general rates for ALL ratepayers within the South Burnett. See more…
  • Led the audit to examine and validate the forward costs for major capital works and maintenance such as roads, swimming pools, parks and recreation areas. See more…
  • Encouraged community to support community by hosting and raising over $98,000 from two (2) Mayor’s Gala Balls. See more…
  • Actively promoted that the South Burnett is OPEN for new business development and existing business to expand. See more…
  • Supported the development and construction of renewable energy projects. See more…
  • Worked in partnership with neighbouring regional councils, state and federal government and other agencies to develop regional economic development strategies and tourism attraction initiatives to ensure the South Burnett receives its share of funding and long term commitments to improving our infrastructure and services. See more…
  • Secured $2 million in funding from the Federal Government to assist the South and North Burnett regional councils undertake feasibility studies into opportunities for accessing additional water. See more…

Next Term Priorities:

  • Drive the delivery of the strategic priorities Council has endorsed during the 2016-2020 term. See more…
  • Building on our strengthening financial position. See more…  
  • Council’s Debt position has improved considerably during this past four year term. I acknowledged that careful decision making was necessary to ensure that the debt position was under control.  I’m very happy to report that Council’s debt portfolio has reduced by $5.546 million despite new borrowing for Bridgework and Streetscape projects (in total $2.7 million).  This term commenced with a debt of $44.931 million and as at 30/6/2019 the debt was $39.385 million.
  • Constrained funds (cash at bank) has improved through disciplined management. The start of my 4 year term of office (2016/17) commenced with funds of $30.981 million and finishing the period to 30/6/2019 with $48.069 million.  That’s an overall improvement of $17.088 million held in cash reserves.
  • Prioritise the needs of the regions over the wants of just a few despite our strengthening financial position. See more…
  • Be an advocate for economic growth, events, tourism and the benefits of a robust visitor economy. See more…
  • Develop sound proposals to secure Works 4 Queensland Funding. See more…
  • Maintain a focus on a targeted roads program. See more
  • Develop smoothing tools to minimise impacts on rates in situations where significant property valuation rises affect a section of our ratepayer base more than another. See more
  • Continue working constructively with developers wanting to invest in the South Burnett. See more
  • Sensibly manage our rates to ensure we remain an attractive region to live, grow and do business. See more

My Next Term Top Priorities:

  1.  Drive the outcomes of the Feasibility Study into securing water for agriculture, industry and urban growth. See more
  2.  Economic Development must be driven to achieve preferred outcomes. I will ensure that a new “Economic Development Plan” and “South Burnett Investment Ready” Prospectus is completed to complement our new Economic  Strategy. See more
  3. Kerbside Recycling and recycling more generally is inevitable. I will create an awareness and help build understanding that kerbside recycling is the legitimate next step for the Waste Services Department to implement for the South Burnett. Governments of today are focused on a zero waste approach. 
  4. I will ensure that the Roads Program is continually monitored to achieve promised outcomes and improvements to rural unpaved gravel roads. I believe we have accumulated the truth about our roads.  We know what has to be done.  I agree with the approach implemented to FIX THE ROADS. I consider it a personal achievement to have taken some bold steps in order to rectify the roads problem. 
  5. Technology and Telecommunications are essential in order to attract new business and satisfy the needs of existing business. I will continue to work diligently to ensure the removal of black spots from our Telecommunication networks. 
  6. No one is able to secure the best possible results without a strong team to work with. I trust the judgement of ratepayers to select Councillor Candidates from each of the six (6) Divisions who are committed to a stronger South Burnett.  Together with them, The Chief Executive Officer and General Managers, I will lobby and advocate with State and Federal Politicians as well as work with our businesses and ratepayers in the region to invest in and support the South Burnett’s goals.  Together, we can make the difference that the South Burnett is ready and deserving for transformed economic growth. 
  7. Medical services in relation to primary and secondary health services together with allied health needs is essential to ensure that the South Burnett is an attractive region for our present residents as well as new families and future businesses. The reputation of the South Burnett in terms of providing the essentials of liveability is a matter I take very seriously.  Quality schooling, retail activity and leisure activities fall into the same category. 
  8. I want to provide strong, firm and positive leadership and work with a team who will connect with the direction and purpose of the previous four year term of Council. I want to ensure that we as a team develop policy to achieve and deliver the best results for the benefit of the South Burnett’s continued growth and long term sustainability. 

Why Keith for Mayor:

I made it known during my first campaign that I intended, with the support of the community to run for 2 terms. I am a strong believer in not changing something just because you can.  Local government is an entity that thrives best with stable and consistent leadership, and serves its constituents best when it sticks to the basics of delivering essential services, and where possible, deliver extras to ensure our regional diversity is maximised for everyone’s benefit.  I am confident in the course of direction in which I will lead Council and will deliver on during the next term of Office.

It is not my style to primarily promote myself or the events that I attend through social media. All of what I do and undertake is how I serve you.  It’s what I love doing.  It is me, being me “just doing the job you expect of a community representative”.  I love Local Government and it remains my life’s greatest achievement to serve you in this way.

I hope this summary will help you gain a clearer picture into who I am, my values and my commitment to ensuring the best possible version of the South Burnett is delivered for you our ratepayers and our residents.

The South Burnett is one of those regions where incremental growth is the pattern that has made us stronger over time.  “Flashy talk” has to be funded from somewhere, and I commit to continue sensibly leading and managing this region through proven financial management skills, strong community support and focusing my team on building a future off the strengths of our heritage and the opportunities of the future.  Operational efficiencies and continuous improvement are a key to Council’s financial security.

At any time please don’t hesitate to contact me for a face to face chat.

I would value your vote to continue into a second term as Mayor of the South Burnett Regional Council.

How to Connect With Keith Campbell:

  • Facebook – Keith Campbell
  • Email: kingaroykeith@gmail.com
  • Website: www.keithcampbell.com.au
  • Mail: 47 Webster Street, Kingaroy 4610
  • Phone:  0437734304

Keith Final

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