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About Keith and what’s Important to him:

  • Relationships and caring about others – people first
  • Truthful, honest and respectful to all
  • Reliable in following through on commitments
  • Authentic listener
  • Responsible leadership
  • Learning, growing and giving back
  • Conform to Local Government Legislation

First Term Achievements:

  • Delivered on my promise to make difficult decisions that would strengthen the South Burnett Regional Council’s financial position from weak to moderate.
  • Evidence – confirmed by the Qld Treasury Corporation that under my leadership, we have moved the total operational performance of Council from operational deficits, to a small operational surplus in 2018/2019.  Queensland Treasury Corporation have certified our performance as moderate
  • Re-established listening and communication tours to ensure residents have opportunity to inform Councillors and Council about their priorities and concerns and Council has the opportunity to provide updates to them
  • Reduced costs to assist Council prioritise the allocation of funds for those essential services local government must deliver on now, and in the future
  • Reducing complaints about road conditions and delivering increased resources and finances to the Infrastructure teams to deliver on my commitment to find a solution to this long running challenge
  • Removed the road levy by melding it within the general rates for ALL ratepayers within the South Burnett
  • Led the audit to examine and validate the forward costs for major capital works and maintenance such as roads, swimming pools, parks and recreation areas
  • Encouraged community to support community by hosting and raising over $98,000 from two (2) Mayor’s Gala Balls.
  • Actively promoted that the South Burnett is OPEN for new business development and existing business to expand
  • Supported the development and construction of renewable energy projects
  • Worked in partnership with neighbouring regional councils, state and federal government and other agencies to develop regional economic development strategies and tourism attraction initiatives to ensure the South Burnett receives its share of funding and long term commitments to improving our infrastructure and services
  • Secured $2 million in funding from the Federal Government to assist the South and North Burnett regional councils undertake feasibility studies into opportunities for accessing additional water