About Keith

Image 68I have been married to my lovely wife Marion for 46 years. We have two sons and daughters in-law and four beautiful grandchildren.
My family have always supported me in my career.

“I was born in Kingaroy and raised on the family property in the Benair district between Kingaroy and Kumbia”

I attended Benair State School and then Kingaroy State High School.

My first working position was as a Bank Officer and I gained valuable experience as I worked in a number of locations around Queensland.

“The call to return home to Kingaroy happened when Bean Growers Australia Ltd was established as a growers’ co-operative”

I started as a clerk but was Pic 11promoted to management status after working with the business for just four years. I was 24 years old when I became the Manager. Then at age 34 I was appointed General Manager / Chief Executive Officer.

Over time the company expanded and became a large enterprise, extending its reach into many parts of Queensland and NSW. It was then, and still is, a major force among Queensland’s leading commodity-based agricultural businesses.

I retired as a full-time executive staff member in 2005 but was retained as a consultant / Director until December 2007. 

I must emphasise that the support and professionalism of the staff at BGA were extremely important to the success of this business which was a part of my life for more than 40 years.